Solutions for Banking and Financial Services Industry

Automate Customer Onboarding

Provide digital banking services to your customers by onboarding them through your application seamlessly

Reduce Acquisition Costs

Eliminate paperwork in your loan application processing by authenticating KYC documents online and automate payment collections using eNach

No Storage Of Aadhaar Number

Stay compliant with UIDAIs regulation. Aadhaar number is stored in a secure Aadhaar vault after KYC transaction is complete

Improve Conversion Process

Let your customers open a bank account in less than a minute by reducing friction in the onboarding phase. Delight them with superior user experience and reduce drop off

Prevent Identity Fraud

Authenticate KYC documents, perform liveness checks by capturing a selfie and use one of the most accurate face match technologies in the market to prevent fraud

Be Compliant With Regulations

Veri5 | KYC is compliant with KYC related regulations within the India, including those by UIDAI

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