Aadhaar Masking API

An API to mask Aadhaar numbers from your customer documents; one at a time or in bulk.


Real time Masking

Aadhaar is the easiest way to KYC your customer while onboarding them to your platform. Use Aadhaar masking API to mask the Aadhaar number instantly from the documents submitted by your customers in real-time, with little to no manual intervention.

Bulk Masking

In 10+ years of Aadhaar’s existence, it has been extensively used by organizations to verify the identity of a user. In accordance with the latest regulation, Aadhaar numbers in the documents submitted by the customer need to be removed, our enterprise-grade bulk masking solution allows you to mask 100,000+ documents at a time, making sure that you are in compliance with the regulations.

QR and Barcode Masking

Aadhaar masking API not only masks the Aadhaar number from the card but also allows you to erase QR and Bar codes from the copies provided by the customers. Mask QR codes either in realtime or bulk upload the documents that need to be masked.

Platform Agnostic

RESTful APIs that can be integrated into any platform that you choose, using a language that you know


Be Compliant with Regulations

Regulations on the use of Aadhaar disallow private companies from keeping a copy of the Aadhaar number in their database both in text or image formats. Aadhaar Masking API by Veri5Digital allows you to hide Aadhaar numbers from the documents submitted by your customers in real time, i.e. as and when they upload their document on to your systems.

Onboard Customer Faster

Aadhaar masking API automates the manual process of removing Aadhaar numbers from submitted documents. Combined with Veri5KYC this not only automates the current manual process but also speeds up onboarding itself

Protect Customer Privacy

Identity theft accounts for more than 40% of all finance-related frauds in India and Aadhaar shared with agents or third party service delivery companies come with potential risks to your customer's privacy. Automating document submission and masking Aadhaar number makes sure that the data, prone to theft is hidden from miscreants and is securely stored away from harm.

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