Digital KYC: RBI Approved ID verification solution

Veri5 Video KYC is an RBI approved AI-driven solution that helps enterprises speed-up customer on-boarding by automating the document collection and verification process using AI-driven face match and document verification algorithms.

How Digital KYC Works?

Extract data from Government issued ID Card and match photo on ID with live selfie video to authenticate the user

Digital KYC Features

100% Digital & Instant KYC Solution

Complete KYC in less than one minute by digitizing OVD collection and face biometric based authentication

Liveness And Non Repudiation

Ensure person is present through liveness check. Record declaration and terms & conditions (T&C) acceptance for non repudiation check

Accurate Data Extraction & Validation

Accurately extract details from ID cards using smart OCR. Validate details online against supported government databases

In Person Verification Through Portal

We offer in person verification over and above the AI algorithmic verification where final KYC approval is done by your agent

Selfie / Video Authentication

Authenticate identity details by matching photo on ID document with live selfie / video recording

Platform Agnostic Deployment

Integrate your existing customer applications, be it mobile or web, using APIs and SDKs

Veri5Digital Video KYC vs Competitors

Our face match algorithm was built on a data set of millions of images and photos to arrive at a 99.84% accuracy.


Veri5 VCIP
IBM Watson





* Accuracy: probability that two given faces are correctly identified as the same person
** Area Under Curve (AUC): probability that the model will rank a randomly chosen positive instance higher than a randomly chosen negative one

Meet the building blocks of Video KYC

API Data Extract

Upload an image and Data Extract API would extract the customer information present in the OVD and share the same with you via an API call.
Automatically fill out the form and speed up the customer onboarding process from within your app.

API Face Extract

Extract and store, user photos from within the documents shared by the customer. The API works on any document or OVD with a photograph in it.
Combined with our Data Extract API, Face extract helps speed up the onboarding process and helps verify the customer identity.

API Verification

APIs to verify the authenticity of the data in OVDs provided by the customer. API supports verification of  PAN, Voter ID, and Aadhaar cards.

API Face Compare

An API to match the live image of the customer taken using Liveness SDK with that of the image provided in OVDs.
Combine with our Liveness SDK, Face match API helps verify customer identity in realtime.

Video KYC Available Across Platforms