Collect Recurring Payments using eNACH API

Use eNACH API  to set up and collect recurring daily, weekly, monthly or yearly payments, directly from your customers bank account.
Our platform agnostic APIs and SDKs allow you to integrate eNACH within your own app using a language that you know.

Veri5Digital eNACH API

How it Works?

Authorize mandates using net banking or debit card credentials. Automatically debit your customers account when the payment is due

Veri5Digital eNACH API workflow


Multiple Modes of Authentication

Customers can now use either net banking or debit card to authenticate the eNACH Mandate API. Once confirmed by the customer, eNACH is automatically sent for confirmation at the customer’s bank for further processing and immediate activation of recurring payments.

Authentication Modes - Veri5Digital eNACH API

Efficiently Paperless

eNACH works over RESTful APIs, everything from the creation of eMandate, authorization by the customer to the actual payment processing happens over the web using our eNACH API, removing dependency on existing paper-based processes for NACH.

Paperless Process - Veri5Digital eNACH API

Seamlessly Manage Payments

We manage all your interactions with government regulators, banks and other partners within the ecosystem, so that you won’t have to. That means all you need is a bank account and access to our eNACH Mandate API to start charging your customers.

Payment Management - Veri5Digital eNACH API

Faster TATs , Lower Rejection Rates

Everything from the creation of the mandate to submission and payment processing happens online with no human intervention, leading to faster processing of the requests and lower possibility of error in the mandate

Lower Rejection Rates - Veri5Digital eNACH API

Multiple Modes of Payment

We support both TSP and Aggregator modes of repayments. Irrespective of how you operate either by yourself or with multiple financial partners, we deliver a frictionless payment processing across channels every time, all the time. Our aggregator model delivers the payment from customer’s account directly to the accounts of your partners with almost no manual intervention while our TSP model sends the payments to yours.

Payment Modes - Veri5Digital eNACH API

Use Cases

Schedule EMIs - Veri5Digital eNACH API
Schedule EMIs

If you are a loan provider, you understand that the biggest problem in the industry has always been repayments. eNACH activates via your customer's bank accounts, as soon as they take a loan or purchase a product on EMI. Once activated eNACH process deducts regular payments for a set amount of time.

Automate Subscriptions - Veri5Digital eNACH API
Automate Subscriptions

eNACH based subscription services allow you to predetermine the length of the subscription and allows you to renew it as and when it expires.

SIP Scheduling - Veri5Digital eNACH API
SIP Scheduling

When integrated into your customer onboarding flow, makes it easier for your customers to plan and pay for their investments and at a time of their convenience.

Utility Bill Payments - Veri5Digital eNACH API
Utility Bill Payments

Variable eMandates helps customers automate their utility bill payments by defining a range and allowing the vendor to charge within this range as and when the bill is generated.

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