Aadhaar eKYC Hosting services for licensed entities with 100% UIDAI compliance

✓ HSM Compliant
✓ Security Audit Compliant
✓ Aadhaar Vault Compliant
✓ Registered Device Compliant
✓ eKYC Consent Architecture Complaint

How it Works?

We manage your AUA/KUA server and interactions with UIDAI servers and relevant intermediaries. Enable Aadhaar based authentication and eKYC for your customers. available for UIDAI registered AUA and KUA entities


UIDAI Compliant Solution

Fully up to date with UIDAI compliance requirements

Audit of AUA/KUA Layer

Assistance with UIDAI cert-in empaneled audit

Multiple ASA Support

Integrated with all major AUA/KUA and other intermediaries

Multiple Modality Support

Support for biometric or OTP based authentication

Aadhar Vault and HSM

Aadhaar Vault and HSM come in built with hosted solutions

Flexible Deployment

Hosted and on premise deployment options