Digital signature solution authenticated using Aadhaar

Replace physical signing process with Veri5esign, a digital signature solution which allows you and your customers to sign documents using electronic signature authenticated using Aadhaar.

How it Works?

Upload the document which you need to sign digitally. Perform Aadhaar eSign using OTP or biometric authentication. Retrieve the uploaded document with customers eSign appended to it


Flexible Document Management

We support various document types such as PDF, XML, PNG etc

Multiple Verification Methods

We support Aadhaar eSign using fingerprint & iris biometric as well as OTP

Multiple ASP Models Support

Hosted model to run your eSign ASP service or use our ASP gateway

Flexible Signature Placement

We offer eSign on multiple pages of a single document. You can sign at a specific location on each page

Flexible Deployment Models

Support for web and mobile applications and on premise deployment