World’s Most Advanced Face Compare API

RESTfull Face matching API to check if two images belong to the same person.


Privacy by Design

You own all the data that you send using the API, any data saved in our systems persists as long as the transaction runs

Platform Agnostic

Integrate face match in the platform of your choice i.e. android, iOS or web, using the scripts of your choice i.e. native or hybrid

Super Fast Response Time

Trained with over 1 billion images and optimized to produce the fastest API response times in the industry

Industry leading Accuracy

With 99.84% face match accuracy, Veri5 APIs have the best accuracy rate in the industry


Validate Identity

Match photograph of the users with that of the identity card to authenticate user identity to eliminate fraud and speed up onboarding

Safegaurd Customers

Let your customers identify your agents or service providers using their face biometric, comparing it with the photo mentioned in the app or id card, protecting your customers and ensuring safety

Access Control

Compare live photo of your employees to the photos in your database to mark attendance or to give secure access to sensitive information and locations

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