Data Extract API

API to auto fill your online forms by scanning the digital documents given by your customers


Enterprise-grade scalability

Extract data from one document at a time or in bulk. Veri5’s doc extract APIs to scale your operation without worrying about the underlying infrastructure, we scale as you do.

Fastest response time in the industry

Veri5APIs boast the fastest API response time in the identity industry at less than 1 second per API call

Multi OVD support

Veri5API have support for data extraction of Aadhaar card, PAN(individuals & entities), and Voter ID

Platform Agnostic

RESTful APIs that can be integrated into any platform that you choose, using a language that you know


Speed up User onboarding

Extract data from OVDs provided by your customers to verify the content and their identity; Speeding up the verification process necessary to avoid business risk while being compliant with government regulations and minimizing the time taken to onboard your customer.

Automate data collection

Convert the image of the documents submitted by your customer into human editable format that can be stored within your database or fill out forms required to activate the services.

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