A secure and protected Aadhaar Data Vault for UIDAI licensed entities

A secure Aadhaar number storage system for entities that are required to store Aadhaar data in a secure vault as mandated by UIDAI. The Veri5 Aadhaar Vault comes with HSM and 256 bit encryption as per guidelines.

How it Works?

Store Aadhaar numbers directly from your application and databases in a secure and compliant Aadhaar vault. Replace with token reference number in bulk or as a single transaction


Aadhaar Tokenization

Replace Aadhaar number with token and retrieve Aadhaar against token

Multiple Token Support

Support for 12 digit number or 16 digit alpha-numeric token

Aadhaar Vault Portal

Store your Aadhaar details for batch or individual transaction through portal

Access Control

Trusted communication with Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Hardware Security Module

Ensure UIDAI compliance by securing keys in FIPS 140.2 L3 HSMs

Flexible Deployment

Hosted and on premise deployment options