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Reintroduction of eSign based eMandates: What does it mean?

The NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) has reintroduced eSign based electronic NACH (National Automated Clearing House) mandates. This latest update shared via a circular dated May 26, 2020, is bound to cheer Banks, Lenders and other institutions.

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A helpful guide to how eNACH works and how you can register for it?

About 3 people in 100 have credit cards in India, while there are 930 million debit cards and 1.57 billion bank accounts that are about 80 percent of the total population, that’s the data from January 2019.

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What are eMandates?

If you have had the chance to have a look at our article on eNACH, you should have noticed we speak about “Mandates” extensively there.

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5 ways to get recurring payments from the customers in India

Being a lending focused startup is hard business and from all our conversations with our customers both in lending and subscription-based companies we realized that the hardest part of both of them was to get the recurring payment in, i.e. EMI for lenders and monthly subscription fee for SaaS products from the customers.

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What is eNACH?

If you anything like me, you would have at least ones rented, bought things on EMI or would have taken a loan from a bank sometime in your life and if you have, you might have received an SMS or an email which goes something like this

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