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Product Update – Aadhaar Masking, Color customization and more

Sahil Mathur

In our constant effort to improve Veri5Digital, we spend countless hours researching, evaluating and building products and features that can help “YOU” our customers.

Last month, our team worked on features that would allow you to customize your KYC app, be compliant with regulatory guidelines, configure flows and colors.

UIDAI We Do Flow Changes and UIDAI signature

UIDAI’s latest update made changes in the flow of how Aadhaar XML was downloaded. Our new upgrade takes it into account and in addition also checks the new UIDAI signature on the Aadhaar XML to authenticate the information in the file.

video id kyc FLow customisation

Input Aadhaar Masking in XML We Do Flow

RBI’s guidelines on KYC mandates masking of Aadhaar numbers and making sure the same is not stored. We implemented the masking function in our latest release, making this compliant with the regulations of RBI

Aadhaar number masking in OCR

Configurable Flows

Now if you want to jump to the T&C section directly instead of going through document selection you can do that. In case of multiple custom flows, you might have to use unique API key specific to that particular flow.

i.e. If you want to do Aadhaar KYC for one customer and PAN for another but do not intend to show both the options to either of them. You would need 2 API keys to implement the same.

video id kyc FLow customisation

Customizable color themes

Personalize KYC app by changing colors within SDK into that of your own brand.  

Video ID KYC color customisation

Fetch KYC” is configurable

Change the final KYC data verification page in accordance with your user flow.

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